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An Essay on Judeo-Christian Ethos (the manner of behavior)

I think the essay below is a valuable -- and relatively short -- piece of research,

With my megalopsychos greetings,
Marek Glogoczowski

YHWH: The Tale of Two Pauls “Actors And (Super)Hypocrites”

An Essay on Judeo-Christian Ethos (the manner of behavior)


“The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates taught his students that the pursuit of truth can only begin once they start to question and analyze every belief that they ever held dear. If a certain belief passes the tests of evidence, deduction, and logic, it should be kept. If it doesn't, the belief should not only be discarded, but the thinker must also then question why he was led to believe the erroneous information in the first place.”

-- from the article of dr. Albert D. Pastore STRANGER THAN FICTION on 9-11 events

At the end of May 2006 all TV programs in Poland for four consecutive days reported every step of Pope Benedict XVI in my country. This Catholic ‘Holy Father’, by a simple imitation of gestures and words of his famous predecessor John Paul II, was able, with the efficient help of mass media, to rise the authentic enthusiasm of hundreds of thousands of simple Poles. Watching at TV these celebrations, I was thinking about old photographs and films documenting scenes of similar mass enthusiasm prior to WWII, when heads of modernist totalitarian states, the Italian duce and the German Fßhrer, were greeted in a manner reserved today for Popes. The enthusiasm of masses wasn’t gratuitous at that time. Feeling the immense support of their followers, these “Christian” leaders eagerly engaged in their disastrous wars, be it against the ‘godless’ communism, be it against the corrupt liberalism and mercantilism, be it against remnants of the “underdeveloped” world.

The present “post-modernist” wave of mass intoxication with the ‘holiness’ of consecutive Heads of Vatican II, began already a quarter of century ago, with the election of Pope John Paul II grown in my native Kraków. This ‘Polish Pope’ taste for never ending travels originated not out of nothing. When we read carefully texts of New Testament, in particular ‘Acts’ and ‘Letters’ of St. Paul, we easily discover, that JPII was simply imitating the manner of ‘evangelization’ enterprised in Antiquity by this Apostle. What is even more interesting, in the Gospel according to Matthew we may find that this manner (gr. ethos) of spreading the “Word (Logos) from God” was in fact condemned by Jesus of Nazareth: Voe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you traverse sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves (Mat. 23, 15).

Is this harsh opinion of Jesus valid in case of “apostolic missions” of these two prominent Evangelists, both of them bearing the name of Paul and both considered as ‘saints’ (or at least as ‘subito santo’)? The first Paul, known earlier as Saul, was the true inventor of the Central Christian Dogma of “salvation by Christ’s crucification”. The second, (John) Paul II, known earlier as Karol Wojtyla, has become the true ‘Savior’ of the Church from the Marxist heresy: in late 1970-ies only in Italy, thousands of priests were abandoning their habits for Communist Party membership, and the papacy of JPII put an end to these ‘paganizing’ practices. But was this ‘pastoral success’ of JPII something really valuable for Mankind (and for Planet) taken as the Whole? Jesus, quoted in Gospels, taught to recognize ‘shepherds’ by fruits of their pastoral work. In the case of Wojtyla/JPII these “fruits” are very well visible, especially in Warsaw, along the avenue which bears at present his name: this prestigious alée in last 15 years become sided with devoid of soul, glass and aluminum covered monstrous structures of banks and corporations. If we compare the outlook of this “reconstructed” Aleja Jana Pawla II (and of today’s Poland as a whole), with the famous words of (John) Paul II “LET YOUR SPIRIT DESCEND, AND RENEW THIS EARTH! THIS EARTH.”, expressed at Warsaw’s stadium a quarter of a century earlier, we can easily notice that the “Holy Spirit”, which indeed descended – and this not only in Poland – bears the completely unholy name of The Spirit of Money and Commerce.

This is not the only suspicion that the recently gone ‘Slavic Pope’ was a covert agent of ancient Arameic (i.e. Syrian) divinity called Mammon. The another JPII slogan, which used to cause real amok amongst crowds participating in his Masses in 1980-ies in my country, was “DO NOT BE AFRAID!”. Of course every pious Pole understood that Holy Father calls for the sabotage of oppressing the development of economy “communist” regime, and for the liberation of the Nation and Family for the (well paid, of course) Work, it means Labor. This Holy Labor, according to Pope, has as its purpose the “domination over the earth”, and the construction of the “New Heaven and New Earth”, demanded by the God of Bible. This is the essence of the famous encyclical letter Laborem exercens from 1981, which exercise in “Pope’s work” the French sociologist Alain Tourraine took as a proof of neo-Judaist ideology of JPII.

Such, demonstrating the Wisdom of the Bible, truly Judaist dream of man’s dominion over “everything which moves upon earth”, become popular among Christian clergy roughly in 5th century, soon after the “brigands” Council of Ephesus. At this, lasting for two years Council, the initially overwhelming Nestorian opposition against St. Paul’s dogma of “Christians salvation by Jesus crucification” become, by a direct force, broken and this “apparently magnificent” Central Dogma of Christianity become obligatory all over the Roman Empire. Beginning with this historical moment, the Apostle Paul’s dream of making out of Christians “substitute Jews” (Romans, 11, 17) was taking ever more visible forms, we may say “the Word (of Paul) was becoming the flesh, ... full of grace and truth” (John 1, 14).

But why the missionary effort of Paul has lead necessarily to the formation of Zionist Protestant Christians, dreaming, together with orthodox Jews, of (re)building of the Third Temple, which slaughterhouse-like edifice will of course be “full of grace and truth inside it”? First of all, we have to deconstruct the catholic (universal, common) naive belief – shared by example by my friend, Christian neophyte Israel Adam Shamir – that outwardly “hating Jews” Paul was an anti-Judaist. Already from the second chapter of his “Letter to Romans” it is evident that to the contrary, PAUL WAS THE TRUE, SUBLIME JUDAIST. (It is due to this fact, the post-Christian Epicurean philosopher Karl Marx was able to claim, in his essay “Zur Judefrage” from 1844, “Christianity is the sublimation of Judaism”.) Why? The Judaism is by a definition the religion of Jews, and what does it mean to be the “True Jew” St. Paul explained to Romans (2, 28-29) in a statement full of Jewish Superman’s Pride: “For he is not a real Jew who is one outwardly, nor is true circumcision something external and physical. He is a Jew who is one inwardly and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual and not literal. His praise is not from men but from God.”

What does it mean “the circumcision of the heart”? This organ is much more simple in its structure than mammals’ genitalia, and thus any attack against it automatically affects the functioning of all other organs, provoking their diminishment, atrophy and even disappearance. In the past, several famous philosophers, G. W. F. Hegel included, considered the praised in the Bible “circumcision of heart” to be an euphemism for the Jewish priesthood practice self-castration of their hearts. (See for ex. data on pp. 204 and 206 of the significant book “The Culture of Critique” of Kevin MacDonald, 2002). The Old Testament gives at least dozen of examples of such “sublime” practices of Hebrew Patriarchs and Levies, beginning from Abram/Abraham who “wholeheartedly” was ready to incinerate his primordial son, only to get the blessing of his Supreme God-Mammon. And of course we have to keep in mind the example of Jacob-Israel, who thanks to his selfish refusal to feed gratuitously his hungry brother Esau, become “God blessed” with immense Isaac family possessions. (Which possessions he subsequently turned into a sterile desert, due to the mindless overgrazing of owned by him pastures.)

As it was in the case of Jacob-Israel, the “self-circumcision/castration of heart” permits to practicing this ethos “heroes” to keep blind eye for disasters they cause by their selfish behavior. Nevertheless it is true that from such purposeful Ignorance grows the Strength – like it was in the case of the Strength of USA, which was enormously enhanced by a “gratuitous” nuclear incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Needless to add that this, trained since younghood by so called Judeo-Christians, emotional “hole in the brain” permitted the development of real monstrosities, which characterize the modern scientific thought. One of these ‘mind tumors’ is the Cartesian imagination of animals as fully mechanical devices, the another one is the Darwinian concept of living creatures as automatons designed only for the unending reproduction. Creatures thus unable of any coherent, increasing with repeated exercises, behavioral reaction against “selecting” these ‘automatons’ external contingencies.)

The Greek naturalist and philosopher Aristotle argued that children should not be discouraged when they weep out of sorrow or shout out of joy – for it helps to develop their organs of spirit, making out of them, in their adult age, true megalopsychos, men of great hearts, knowing and practicing the real virtue. Jewish ‘training’ of people to hide true feelings – which pathology manifests itself today as the ethos of “political correctedness” – necessarily produces micropsychos, cowards of simple spirit and of corrupt body, prone to all vices, beginning from hypocrisy, so frequent in Israel in Jesus times. And it was Pharisee Paul, praising the ‘truly Jewish’ ethos of “brain self-circumcision/castration”, who made, out of believing in his creed Christians, individuals in large extend brain-dead. Such internally impoverished “automatons”, in opportune conditions, easily transform themselves into ruthless “white devils”, as Chinese called, in 17 century, the visiting their country Portuguese “Christian” merchants-warriors.

It is no doubt that that Pharisee Saul’s “illumination by Jesus”, on the road to Damascus, was not only the product of reports he heard about supernatural Acts (and faculties) of this rebellious Gallilean prophet. Such sudden conversion was also the result of years of Saul’s studies of Old Testament, under the guidance of rabbi Gamaliel at Jerusalem. It is remarkable that only in written after Saul/Paul conversion “Letter to Romans” we find about 60 references, about half of them in form of lengthy quotations, from books of Isaiah, Psalms and Exodus. If we return from Antiquity to 20th century, we notice that Karol Wojtyla, during his university studies, had the obligation to read the same set of canonic books (including the same reports about Acts of Jesus), as the antique persecutor of Christians Saul, who ultimately become apostle Paul, and whose lucubrations become soon – with the help of “God” – obligatory readings for all Christian clergy.

This is not the only similitude between professional carriers of both Pauls. There is no doubt that during Vatican’s Conclave in late 1978, considerable pressures were exercised on gathered cardinals, demanding of them the election of a Pope known for his philo-Semite and philo-German sympathies (Wojtyla originated from formerly Austrian Galicia). The Polish Minister of Interior at that time, Czeslaw Kiszczak claimed that Wojtyla was elected thanks to the support of CIA and of German – thus also USA controlled, cajus regio, ejus religio – cardinals. Armed with this modern knowledge of Acts of secret services, we shall ask: was it possible that also Pharisee Saul become astutely “called” (of course by “God”) to perform his ‘pastoral work’ among early Christians, as an element of a secret plan, similar to the one, in which was involved Wojtyla/JPII?

This antique “business plan” in all evidence consisted of directing naive early Christians, spontaneously hating Jerusalem’s Temple corrupt practices of “sins redemption by innocent animals incineration”, into cognitive “rails”, which outwardly remain hostile to Judaism, but inwardly remain the best ally of this “Den of Robbers with Decalogue”. For me, as for a post-Catholic professional philosopher, it is evident that cretinized by “Letters” of St. Paul Christians (the word cretin etymologically derivates from old French chrétien) become, in their mass, the completely unconscious of their collective role of “messiah’s ass”, supposed to carry for centuries its Hebrew Supreme Lord. (As Israel Shamir picturesquely described the fate of common Jews in his PaRDeS/Paradise). I admit that when I’ve read carefully, in “Apostles Acts”, details of Saul’s conversion, with this enigmatic “Lord” telling Ananias in Damascus to accept Saul (future Paul) as the “newly born” Christian, I had an after thought that this famous ‘conversion’ was a staged spectacle. Especially when I read about the facility, with which the freshly converted Saul/Paul escaped from a Roman prison, in a basked attached to a rope! Such “heroic” method of an ‘authentication’ of an agent recalled me of the personal history of our Polish 1968 Trotskyst professional ‘prison dweller’ Adam Michnik, who in 1988 turned to be the closest collaborator of the hyper-bourgeois George Soros and his CIA-linked Fundation!

By an accident of the Zeitgeist, only a week after I began to consider the “conspiracy theory” of Paulinism implementation, I found on my desk a letter from a friend, containing a copy of an article published in revue “Zadruga” no 1/1939, which was informing, in its “Introduction”, that already Persians knew methods of fighting enemies by inoculating their brains with ideas killing their faculties to reason. (Today we would say that antique Zoroastrians knew how to produce ‘cultural viruses’ called MEME – Memory Eradicating and Mind Emptying viruses.) The Redaction of the neo-Pagan revue “Zadruga” suggested that it was the High Priest Gamaliel, who prepared Saul/Paul for his “killing brains” mission among Christians. All this might be only suppositions, but the fact remains that Paul specialized in statements ex officio aborting all efforts of reasoning mind, like the one in I Letter to Corinthians: “the foolishness of God is wiser than men”. Such bizarre statements of our “anti-Judaist” apostle were modeled at God-like exclamation of prophet Isaiah “I will destroy the wisdom of wise, and the cleverness of the clever I will thwart” – which statement indicates that this prophet in all evidence assimilated several important Persian "psyops" techniques during the period of collaboration of Jews with the Persian conqueror Darius (I Cor. 1, 19 & 25; Iz. 29, 14).

In opinion of “Zadruga” of 1939, the same High Priest Gamaliel played the role of a “Lord” setting up in Damascus the “theatre” of Saul/Paul conversion. This, surely reaching too far supposition, nevertheless resembles strangely the very well founded opinion of Polish Counter-Intelligence of 1979. Namely it was CIA (and collaborating with it other Intelligences), which played the role of the “God”, who set up both the sudden death of John Paul I in 1978 (only a month after his investiture as a Pope), and than the instalation of Wojtyla as John Paul II at the Holy See, where he remained for the subsequent 27 years of tremendous USA worldwide conquests! This also suggests that the Judeo-Christian “Lord”, in one of its numerous hypostases, has the face of Secret Services, be it of antique Israel, be it of USA of today.

Moreover, in the published in 2002 book “Chosen People, the big idea that shapes England and America” the prominent English journalist Clifford Longley claims that for average Americans “USA is God”. This conclusion overlaps with the one I found in the published in 2005 book “PaRDeS – an etude in Cabala” of the heretical Israeli journalist Israel Shamir. Shamir claims that for ordinary Jews “Yisrael is God” (He writes “Yisrael is the central figure in Jewish cosmos (...) it is the Church of Jews, is like Christ for Christians, ... Yisrael worships Yisrael, it means himself. ... (Jews) do not feel God above him ... Yisrael is the light for nations and nations are illuminated by this light, in a similar way as a tree is illuminated by the sun but it remains a tree”.)

As I observed it at the beginning of this essay on Judeo-Christian ethos, our two most prominent “Pauls”, in light of Jesus of Nazareth teachings, are merely “scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites”. Using this Light radiating from Words (Logos) of our – but not their! – Savior, it will be of interest to decipher the “qualityless and quantityless, devoid of needs and impossible to situate” (in opinion of St. Augustin) GOD as the GLOBAL ORDER OF DECEPTION. And of course the biblical “nameless name” (in opinion of Erich Fromm) YHWH should be read in English – which become the lingua franca of the “Lord” – as YISRAEL’S HYPOCRITES WORLD HEGEMONY. Of course this Alien hegemony, resembling strongly the Eunuch’s Caste rule at Chinese Court in 15th century, all still surviving Homo sapiens are supposed to combat.

M.G. Zakopane, July 1, 2006

Addendum: St. Paul’s Artificial Love/Eros

The repeated frequently by John Paul II, in years 1980, invocation “Do not be afraid!” is the initial part of an important phrase of Jesus’ warning “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul, rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell” (Mat. 10, 28). And who, since millenaries, become specialized in pushing, the previously satisfied with their life pagans (literally ‘village dwellers’), into the hell of wicked desires of “dominion over the earth, and over everything which moves upon it”? Are they not, by a chance, these “mercenaries of the Lord”, tirelessly ranging the world which copies of the Holy Bible in their hands?

A similar manipularion of Jesus teachings we observe in ‘apostolic letters’ of St. Paul. This self-appointed Vicar of Christ suddenly, on his way to Damascus, transformed from “breathing threads and murder” Jewish persecutor of Christians Saul, into preaching Faith, Hope and Love Christian apostle. He even wrote a ‘hymen’ at the Glory of Love, which is “not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant nor rude. Love does not insists on its own way ... bears all things, believes all things, ...(and of course) Love never ends” (I Cor. chapter 13). All professional philosophers know that the similar ‘hymen’ at the Glory of Eros, describing in all possible superlatives this divinity (it is most beautiful, wisest, most delicate, most timid, most courageous, most dedicated, etc.) we find already in the dialogue “Symposion” of Plato. What is of interest for us, is the manner in which Socrates ‘deconstructed’ these provoking enthusiasm of listeners – but utterly naive and even false – verses about Love-Eros made by a prominent at that time Athenian poet named Agaton. The power of Socratic ‘deconstruction by the means of logic’ was so great that the confused Agaton finally admitted humbly “So Socrates, I really do not know what I’ve said before”.

Unfortunately I do not know about philosophers, which dared to point out at the utter hypocrisy radiating from Pharisee Paul’s “hymen of Love”. First of all, this hymen does not indicate what is the object of this sentiment. Such ethos (behavior) of Paul is very similar to the one of John Paul II, who in his famous “Don’t be afraid” avoided to indicate objects, which we shall not – or shall – be afraid. As Socrates argued in “Phaedros”, the love belongs to a larger class of physiological feelings called ‘desires’, like the trivial desire to drink or to eat. And love is a particular ‘desire of eyes’, which forces the lover to be as close as possible to attracting him BEAUTY. (Hence Eros/Amor on antique pagan drawings always accompany the perfect – and thus cold – beauty of Aphrodite/Venus.)

And what is the “object of beauty”, which Apostle Paul declared himself to accompany as close as possible? We find it in the same I Letter to Corinthians, where he boastfully and arrogantly, ‘insisting on his own way’, declares to admirers of Jesus teachings “I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and him crucified”. This “beauty” of Christ crucified, the Christian priesthood (with the exception of Nestorians) is indeed carrying as close as possible to them during their professional travels – our priests and pastors in fact do it at the image of the innocent pagan Eros, who is trying to remain as close as possible to attracting him beauty of Aphrodite. But Aphrodite, being perfect, remains cold, for she cannot desire something, which she already posses. The same holds with Christ, especially this one hanging haplessly on the cross. Our “bearing everything and believing in everything” (to use words of Paul) clergy seeks not to see that their Beloved Crucified Christ is Dead, and thus mute, his Divine Logos (the Word) is absent at the Cross, which Device of Passion is also beloved by Christian priesthood.

The truth telling – and seeking justice for these downtrodden – Jesus hanging on the Cross should be considered as a symbol of the ‘Reason Crucified’. This logically signifies, in terms proposed by quoted earlier Israel Shamir, that CATHOLICS WORSHIP THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH OF REASON CRUCIFIED. These common, ‘universal’ people (gr. katholicos) naively believing into teachings of Paul*, are forcing themselves to abandon the Natural Beauty of Reason for the artificial “beauty” of the Cross. They thus must become, at the image of crucified Christ, slowly brain dead, and thus able only, by their Labor, to prepare the True Hell on the earth. Which process of Earth murdering is very well perceptible in all “civilized” (it means literally in Latin “urbanized”, as the opposition to “paganized”, village-like) countries, especially in the “beacon of the world” named USA, the country “under God” according to its brain dead presidents.

* Already 10 years ago one of my Polish correspondents wrote me with pertinence “Jews only killed Christ, but ST. PAUL HAVE MURDERED HIM.” It means that Paul managed to ‘deconstruct’ both the Body and the Spirit of Jesus Christ – please compare this opinion with the copied above, given by Jesus, definition whom we have to be afraid of!
6 czerwiec 2006

Marek Glogoczowski 



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